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Hi, I'm Kat. I suffer from extreme dysania and bibliophilia, and that's okay. I'm a daughter of a queen and a princess-in-the-rough, only I have railroad tracks and four-eyes. Destiny pushed your virtual feet to my ground zero, so if you don't find yourself falling in love with weird old me, you might want to stick around while I write, read, rant, and read some more.

β™‘ Depressed, stressed but still fashionably dressed. β™‘
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Last night’s #OOTD: tunic from @forever21, belt from @candies, slightly tired smile from acads haha 😊


I’ve got lots of tricks up my sleeve thisΒ September, and I can hardly believe that a month has passed since I first entered college 😳

Since some are still queued, here’s a poem I wrote, perfectly moody and full of angst.

Can’t wait to share things with you soonest.

Stay nerdy x

He asked for my name

And I gave him that

He asked for my smile

And I gave him that

He asked for a mixtape

And I gave him that

He asked me for time

And I gave him that

The one thing he didn’t ask for was my heart

The one thing I wanted to give him was my heart

But he didn’t need it

And I didn’t know that

And still,

I gave him that.

Tonight’s festivities with mom ❀️ (at Kamayan Dads Saisaki Restaurant)

It is now my favorite book of all time, but then again, I always think that until I read another book.

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Feel-pretty hairstyle πŸ’—

Happy birthday to youuu @ginaperolino! Forever wishing I had your vocal prowess 😭😘😘 [And your fab bangs hahaha]

Chatter and chopsticks. Photo creds to @iamreyshell 🍜 (at Karate Kid Robinson’s Place Manila)

Dressed-up darling ❀️ #OOTD: top from @forever21, floral shorts and Eiffel Tower necklace from my wardrobe πŸ‘

You are my sunny days and my gloomy rains. β˜”οΈβ›…οΈ

Three AM rituals. Tout ce que.

Sunday brunch with a French twistπŸ’› @ginaperolino (at Pedro Gil, Taft Avenue)

Sunny smiles and charming eyes ✌️

Twists and falls πŸ‘©

You can’t learn love directly. It’s after so many disappointments, liars and traitors when you finally learn how to love truly.
Non-verbatim quote from our Comm 1 professor. Wonder how we went from paper organisation and formatting to this :>