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Hi, I'm Kat. I suffer from extreme dysania and bibliophilia, and that's okay. I'm a daughter of a queen and a princess-in-the-rough, only I have railroad tracks and four-eyes. Destiny pushed your virtual feet to my ground zero, so if you don't find yourself falling in love with weird old me, you might want to stick around while I write, read, rant, and read some more.

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Not every memory is picture-perfect. But what adds character to the memories are the ones most suffered through. 

Handog 2014 last Wednesday! Glad I brought my cam along to capture the mixed moments of the long-awaited celebration.

Loving this Polaroid-esque format still (because I have no Instax as of now) 

Fact: The best kind of memories are the ones spent in the company of friends.

I’m thinking about how people fall in love in mysterious ways.

Stuck singing and listening to this song for the better half of the day.

And maybe I’m thinking out loud, but this song would be perfect for a dance under the glimmer of the stars and moonshine.



"We heard a little girl… GOT SERIOUSLY BURNED!"

this show needs all the awards

Oooh and you know it

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Just arrived home from the ever-so-awesome #MIBF with my mom @ginaperolino ❤️Cheesy pose bc #WeLOVEReading (at SMX Convention Center, MOA)

iMessage, FaceTime and messaging with my mom simultaneously. And the clingiest daughter award goes to… moi! Haha ❤️ @ginaperolino (at Home Away from Home)

Delighted to have spent the latter part of the afternoon yesterday with these people, and having then meet each other as well. Creds to @gelaaato ❤️ #latergram (at Teriyaki Boy, RPE)

Me: “We should get one of these [Coke cans with hottie printed on it]
R-e-negade: “We should. You could take hottie and I’ll take the cutie.”
M: “No, I’ll take the cutie, you take the hottie.”
R: “No, you take the hottie.”
M: “No, I take the cutie.”
R: “Whatever. You know what? We’re both hotties.”
M: “Ooh. True that.
Conversation with r-e-negade at the counter (non-verbatim)

Indulge in a little vanity. Good morning.
Also, thanks to Sandy of Vanity Circle Salon for doing my hair 💇 (at Vanity Circle Salon, Magnolia)

Quick update: This is [unfortunately] how I look now. With shorter hair. I was bullied, or rather, catfished by my mom with the promise of movie tickets, but I got shoved in a salon seat instead. 😞 And so, in order to comfort me, I got a drink from Starbucks although they’re notoriously known for their liquid calorie-laden drinks.
Lesson: don’t believe in movie tickets. Also, non-fat lattes are getting old. (at Starbucks - Robinson’s Place Malate)

Hi hi ✌️

Welcome once again to my blog. These past few days have both been busy and fun, all brought on by the fact that I’m beginning my life in uni.

Yay! I’m officially a college freshman, and to commemorate this not-so-momentous-but-extremely-significant event, I shall write a short list on the ten, plus one, things I learned in college thus far.

Why not eleven? Because a) it adds an extra cool factor, and b) it makes me sound more procreative. 😉

Inserting random Polaroids along the way. Yay photos!


1. Follow the dress code

On the first day of college, we were asked to wear green, which I was close to not wearing but I still did, and I learned that it’s important to go with the flow—meaning, the colour and dress code, because had I worn any other colour than green, I would’ve stood out in the sea of greens—and that’s not something you want to make a mark on you if you don’t.



2. Make new and old friendships

"Make new and old" Quite contradicting, right? But by this statement, I mean make new friendships with, naturally, faces you haven’t seen or talked to before. And for the old, it means rekindling those friendships or even building up a conversation with people you’ve encountered prior to the academic year but haven’t really had the courage to do so. Surprisingly, it was intimidating for me to actually talk again and rehash again everything like the first time compared to introducing myself to new people, but I found out that both bring the happy outcome of going home with a new friend made for the day =)


3. Freecuts are the best kind of cut you could get

Forget your T-bone steak cut or your best haircut ever—freecuts are the bomb of every cut in the world. It’s the holy grail of cuts.

And by this cut, I mean schedule cut.

Freecuts mean that you won’t have the class if your professor, or lecturer, if that term is preferred, arrives fifteen minutes late, and that you can spend the rest of the period freely!
We spent our first two days with all our classes free cut, so you can imagine our glee. 


NB: Use free cuts sparingly and smartly.


4. Pens out, papers in

Taking notes is an inevitable part of college, and pens out means always ready for that single line of information your teacher will randomly spurt out, papers in for a semblance of organisation (because along the way, you’ll lose it). Because you can’t solely rely on word-of-mouth and powerpoint presentations during finals, yes?

Also, it helps to do your work in advance, which leads me to number 5.image5. Break your back

And no, this is not chiropractic advice. By breaking your back, this means exerting extra, if not a tad more effort than you did previously. I’m not saying you have to be a Chancellor or Dean’s Lister or some such thing—I’m just pointing out, that as far as I’ve gone, college is not a place for hokey pokey. It’s a ton of fun, but as far as that goes, it won’t give you a passing mark on your class card, that’s for sure.



6. Never forget, seldom remember, always breathe

All the sorrowful sentiments, depressing days should be left in the past, where it will stay a scarring memento. Today is what’s important, and as fast-paced as college is, you have to learn how to move fluidly without travails.


And have extreme moments of fun, laughing at everything in between


7. Birthdays are STILL significant.

Especially when you’re of legal age. Even though we’re past the phase of having spaghetti for snack time  on one’s birthday, always remember that one’s birthday is a reminder of his arrival to the world. And if you’re friends with people who don’t go all out with their birthdays, then research carefully and invest the information in your memory bank.

Think of it like this: you don’t want to be forgotten on your birthday, right?



Inserting this here because he told no one about his birthday. Yay him 👏

And our latest celebrant, Paolo!


8. Go forth prepared.

In terms of weather, cranky professors, particularly specific submissions and even food and water, college will train those who were spoon fed to grow up, stand tall, and go out to the battlefield prepared, with an arsenal of index cards, multicoloured highlighters and pens and even a sweater for those rigorously cold AC-ed classrooms.

College is a rapid-moving world, and you can’t pause and stare when you’re asked to proffer an essay about the importance of ketchup in one’s life (this is a moot point for moi) 


9. Make time for those who strive to make time for you.

As I’ve found out, there is frustration rooted in misunderstanding when you try to reminisce with someone and it becomes a one-sided affair. So do those things instead for people who want to do the same for you. It’ll save you the heartache and the embarrassment of being dubbed as clingy, and it’ll make you happier to see someone who actually wants to be with you. So there.


10. Keep that track record clean.

In high school, I was dubbed as the one who was always late, and for good (bad) reason too. In college, however, I strive to wake up earlier and not rely on the proximity to uni, instead, I strive to be earlier. And as much as it’s become an unbelievable, rarely even sensible to some cliche, the early bird catches the worm: translates to the early student gets the front seat in the front row.


And the last one:

11. College = courage

Here and now is where you’ll learn that there is no room for fear in college. There is only bravery, hope and sometimes, a sense of defeat. College was once brazenly labeled as a time for experimentation, but for me, it’s a much greater deal than that. Here and now is where you’ll learn that you are free to discover the true desires of your heart and yourself as a person, and to make new friends, leap out of your bounds and break out of the shell that is your comfort zone.

Because college is a clean slate, your clean canvas, the place to sow your beautiful seeds. If you didn’t get to blossom in high school, now is your chance. As I’ve learned, this is your point zero of developing into a real person that will face the real world, and that means staying true to who you really are.

Have the courage to pursue what you really want, and to grab the opportunities that you never had before. Because you are here and now. And that’s what matters, in the very end.


And another thing I learned which doesn’t need to be said but still needs to be stated? TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES.

And now I shall go back to the land of paper writing and the mountain of readings. 

Stay nerdy x

Cray cray over supposed celebrity status 😂 Love these ladies and this parfait photo ❤️ Courtesy of @trojanpabico + @czareynaaa’s phone (at CAS, UP Manila)

Am I kawaii enough? #sweaterweather

Last night’s #OOTD: tunic from @forever21, belt from @candies, slightly tired smile from acads haha 😊


I’ve got lots of tricks up my sleeve this September, and I can hardly believe that a month has passed since I first entered college 😳

Since some are still queued, here’s a poem I wrote, perfectly moody and full of angst.

Can’t wait to share things with you soonest.

Stay nerdy x

He asked for my name

And I gave him that

He asked for my smile

And I gave him that

He asked for a mixtape

And I gave him that

He asked me for time

And I gave him that

The one thing he didn’t ask for was my heart

The one thing I wanted to give him was my heart

But he didn’t need it

And I didn’t know that

And still,

I gave him that.